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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  December 3, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. this is 9news now. >> america needs jobs. and today president obama invited dozens of experts to the white house desperately seeking new ways to create some. >> earlier today, usa today and sat down for a one-on-one with the commander in chief where he admitted that while jobs are his top priority, there is only so much even a president can do. >> we are going through the worst economic crisis since the great depression. >> what do we want, jobs. >> i want people to understand that it is an extraordinary fooet not just of government but i think the entire country that as tough of a blow as this was, we've stayed on our feet. >> trying to put a hopeful spin on a dire economic situation, president obama reminded us just how bad things were at the start of this year when america was hemorrhaging 700,000 jobs a
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month and the nation was banking on a stimulus package we could only hope would make a difference. >> as a consequence of those steps, we have been able to get lending flowing again to some degree and we're starting to see economic growth. >> but that growth has yet to show up in the form of any new jobs. in fact, the unemployment numbers due out friday are expected to rise from the current 10.2%. the president says he knows that no matter what he does, it's going to be months, perhaps even years, before that unemployment rate edges back down. and some jobs may never return. >> that is my greatest fear is we don't close that gap. and one of the things that we're having to deal with right now, this is not unique to this recession. it's actually been a trend that we've been seeing over the last several business cycles is businesses once they layoff, they're actually learning to be so efficient and increase their productivity so much that they can make the same number of goods without as many people.
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>> and how do you fix that? president obama is hoping for some ideas from today's white house job summit. 130 economists and business people putting their heads together trying to figure out how the government can help create jobs without spending money it doesn't have. >> the number of job losses over the course of this year and the previous year have been so substantial that we may end up having to take some additional measures in order to really drive the unemployment rate to where it needs to be. >> well, as the president deals with the national jobless picture, we asked our gary nurenberg to find out how unemployment is affecting one virginia community. >> reporter: historic fredericksburg is makiy again with its unemployment rate. >> this is the worst rate for us since 1992. >> reporter: so when they make it known they're looking for help. >> within the first day, if not the second day, usually all day
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long is applicant african-american can't coming in. >> there is a lot of people going through it. >> reporter: ray wright is a carpenter that has been looking for a job for ten months. >> i had a car repossessed. >> reporter: his truck holds the ladder and tool box waiting to be used. >> for every one job that we have available, there are four people looking for work. >> reporter: at task force staffing, laurie newman has found temporary work for rolls. >> i have done the hamburger rolls for mcdonald's and then i've worked at a furniture store. presently i'm working at a cabinet shop sanding. and then also i've worked for a moving company. >> reporter: and he's one of the lucky ones. >> we probably put to work maybe 10% of the people that come in and register with us. >> reporter: there are some good signs . >> it has gotten better over the last three months. >> reporter: $100 million expansion of a town center mall is creating job for those doing the building and is expected to create about 200 full-time positions when the work is
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complete. but if you're out of work. >> if you're used to working and it's not there, then what do you do? and it makes you feel less of a person too. it's humiliating a lot of times when you don't have the things that you need and you can't work. >> reporter: bottom line. >> i'll do whatever i have to to just have some income coming in. it doesn't really matter. >> reporter: gary nurenberg 9news now and >> although the city of fredericksburg has an unemployment rate of 9.1%, the greater fredericks bergburg drop. out of northwest dc, police say somebody took a shot at a petco worker. this all happened at first street and rhode island avenue where a utility crew was on the job. it grazed the worker's neck. police are questioning a possible suspect. and it's been pretty windy out there all day. let's find out if it will be lasting all night. top. >> well, good news, the winds
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have finally diminished. the bad news we had wind gusts up to 37 miles an hour and a couple trees went down tonight. let's talk about temperatures because that's really critical considering we're talking about the possibility of snow on saturday. look at the temperature change. watch the colors and the green disappear. it gets colder. some very, very cold air is on the way and that could set the stage. it's only 22 right now in des moines and we're in the 40s after a high of 65. so here is the deal. coming up, we will talk about new data. it's right here in my hand. we'll talk about the time frame on saturday. morning commute is going to be some visibility problems tomorrow morning believe it or not and we'll be back with wakeup weather in just a few minutes. anita. >> all right, top. we made some calls and charges have not come down against two men accused of assaulting the mayor's daughter. one of the suspects grabbed her by her throat and threw her out of the car. thanks to the vehicle's on star security system, officers found the men at a taco bell.
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i'm now in the 9news now web center looking at an interactive website that can show you crime activity in any part of the u.s.. i typed in the address where they carjacked her. there have been about 25 crimes in that area ranging from car thefts to robberies. when we look back even further, we see there have been 123 similar crimes within the last month. if you want to check something like this out in your neighborhood, log on to and click on top stories. well, the white house party crashers could soon receive the sort of invitation you turn down only at your own risk. it is called a subpoena. and tonight on capitol hill, a mouse committee is drafting -- house committee is drafting them to testify before congress. well, today the salahis were invited but they were no shows at a hearing held by the house homeland security committee. the head of the secret service did testify, however, and he took the hit for the security laps that allowed them to mix
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and mingle with the president and vice president. >> this is our fault and our fault alone. there is no other people to blame here. look at me and blame me. >> the secret service has placed three of the officers on leave pending last week's security breech. new at 11:00, police in fairfax county have tracked a 22-year-old rape case. officers say back in 1987, john kinze attacked and raped a woman. the victim had to jump out of a window to get away. they sent dna evident and found it matched him. they found him in pennsylvania and made an arrest. the man accused of killing chandra levy made new notes from jail threatening to kill a witness or the witness's family. he has already been charged with first degree murder in connection with the intern's
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killing. levy disappeared back in 2001. they found her remains a year later. president obama has kicked off this year's pageant of peace. it all got going about 6:00 this evening when the president led the countdown to flip the switch and light the national christmas tree. >> three, two, one. [ cheers and applause ]. [ cheers and applause ] >> it works. >> merry christmas. that tree will be lit every night from dusk until 11:00 p.m.. >> lovely. well, this little tree is being called the it dessert these days. new at 11:00, a look at how the baked good is rolling in big business. high blood pressure, mental confusion. what you need to know before you stock up on those over-the-counter drugs. that is in tonight's health alert. top. all right. pretty quiet out here. the winds have subsided. we'll take you out with wakeup weather and pretty nice tomorrow
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morning. partly cloudy skies. mid 30s to mid 40s. we'll come back and talk about the rest of your friday and perhaps our first snow. we'll detail it when we come back.
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so let's say you have the sniffles. maybe your muscles ache. your head hurts. all you want is relief and you want it fast. but which medicine is right for
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you? in tonight's health alert, the best and worst ways to soothe your symptoms with over-the-counter remedies. >> i definitely come down with a cold at least once a year. sometimes twice a year. >> and when alexis hits the drug store for over-the-counter relief, it's overwhelming. shelves stocked with pills, syrups and sprays. some with one active ingredient and some with three. >> i end up spending too much money or spending 20 minutes in the aisle. >> it's common, an expert on non-prescription products to find people confused in the aisles. and this year he says it's even worse. >> this year will be unique. because of the regular flu. but then the great scare about swine flu, people are going to be grabbing everything they can grab. >> but don't be so quick to grab multi-symptom packs. those three or four ingredients listed are not always needed. go for medications that treat the symptoms you have. otherwise, you could be overmedicating. >> you may take a product that
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is multi-symptom for colds and then also take another product, say, forehead aches and both products contain acetaminophen as an example. >> too much is toxic to the liver. patients also risk overmedication by taking more than the recommended dose. alex admits it's something she's done. >> i feel like i'm not feeling well and i end uptaking another spoonful or i end uptaking an extra multi-purpose tablet because i'm not really sure and i want to feel better. >> overdosing on cold and flu products can have serious side effects. like increased drowsiness, high blood pressure, mental confusions, and, yes, even liver damage. >> over-the-counter medicines are powerful but they're only safe when taken as directed. >> another important thing to remember, over-the-counter drugs can react with prescription medicines. read safety inserts carefully. look for possible interactions and check with the pharmacist. also a person in virginia has been hospitalized with a
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form of h1n1 resistance to tamiflu. the medicine is one of two common antivirals used to treat severe cases. doctors say people with immune system problems are more likely to develop resistance. tamiflu should not be overfriebd because that gives h-- overprescribed because that gives h1n1 more chance to mutate. two people in maryland have been treated and released from the hospital. call it cup cake craze and it's not going away, even though the economy is bad. stores built exclusively to sell those miniature cakes are popping up nearly everywhere. in fact, nationwide, cup cake sales are projected to rise another 20% over the next five years. and as brittany morehouse reports, it is a dream come true for some local baking ent pre nurz. >> the demand for cupcakes has been insane so we've expanded our cup cake line. >> smorz, mow ka, cookies and -- smores, mocha, cookies and cupcakes. >> cupcakes taste good and they're a tiny little bite of
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perfectness and the variety is always something new. >> it's not just a plain old cup cake anymore. >> straight from the baker's mouth. what do the customers say? >> they taste like cake but they're in a smaller size. >> so fast they don't even make it past the counter. these fancy debbis are, indeed, captivating the washington area with cup cake wars, cup cake blogs, even a cup cake crawl. >> i have done more cup cake weddings than i have in five years of decorating cakes. >> a vegan only shop, chocolate is the number one seller. >> about 2900 the last time i checked. >> i really get crazy voice males. >> for danielle, it's a side business. she bakz them at night and sells them online and then in the shop. >> we have people that come in every day for a cup cake. >> any one? . >> the oreo. hands down my favorite. sometimes i eat just the top. >> my favorite is probably the kart cake. >> how about new -- carrot cake.
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>> how about the new blend? >> our most recent line is the cocktail line. the classic margarita and then a cupcake which is chocolate in the cake and it's covered and i just had one. >> uh-huh. brittany morehouse, 9news now and >> and, in fact, those adult only cupcakes, beer, margarita flavor. they're actually made with some liquor. >> i have cookies and cream. >> give me the chocolate. >> these are all for me . [ laughing ] >> you're going to have to pick one. >> you can do what my daughters do and put them back in the muffin thing. >> look at this here. >> no, wait. >> see what is left of this one. >> it had top on it before
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before anita brikman get it. >> i'm caught red handed. >> all right. we are looking at no winds tonight. and actually a pretty benign day on friday before perhaps our first snowfall of the season. here is the forecast first. the next three days right out of the gate, 51 tomorrow. right winds. pretty nice day. clouds come in late. and then on saturday light rain develops. i think it's going to change and end as light snow late saturday and saturday evenings. temps around 40. it can snow and temperatures at the surface are above freezing. it's all about upstairs. the snowfall melts and hits the ground. and because it's 65 today and 55 tomorrow, we're not seeing a lot of accumulation with this. 44 on sunday if you're going to the game and in the shade, it's going to be cold. it's going to be chilly if you're in the sun on sunday. weekend flanking me here either side, we'll talk about tonight in detail. overnight partly cloudy, colder. 34-42. winds not a factor. northwest at about ten. now, tomorrow morning believe it or not, partly sunny and chilly. but that could actually lead to
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some sun delays on i66 eastbound. so bring your sun glasses. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. winds northwesterly 5-10. bring them when you go home. the sun angle is right in your eyes. sunrise at 7:11. now, by tomorrow afternoon high temps around 50 and winds will be light. so i think even though it's going to feel much colder tomorrow with light winds, we're going to get kind of a break. here are the headlines, our first snow maybe, probably shouldn't put that in yellow, a lighty vent possible. surface temperatures are going to be above freezing while it's snowing. that is going to limit accumulation. the critical time frame if you have any kids that are going to try to drive, 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. will be the critical time. but i think the roads are safe. gracy areas maybe not so -- grassy areas maybe not so safe. light rain ending as light snow saturday. sunday rather chilly. but not bad. sunshine. 44. maybe a shower late monday. but we're back up to 50.
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and then we're in the 60s on wednesday with rain and showers. maybe a thunderstorm. and then we're cold again on thursday. highs only around 40. >> all right, topper. thank you so much. we have breaking news for you out of the national zoo. we just got off the phone with a zoo spokesperson and it is confirmed the panda will be leaving us going to china. this is sad. the zoo plans to offer the news tomorrow. it was born here at the zoo july of 2005. but that's the deal with them. the agreement, the cubs born here in the u.s. must eventually be turned over to the chinese. okay. >> but possession is nine tenths of the law. >> not when it comes to panda. we have to go sports. ovechkin. >> no ovechkin, no problem. caps fans were worried but apparently they don't need him. no ov, no issue. the caps don't light the lamp without their star, they burn out the bulb tonight. plus the skins bracing for the run away train that is the saints. 9 sports coming up.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> so tonight marked the start of alex ovechkin's two game suspension. caps fans tend to get worried about their offense without him. but they shouldn't get nervous. first period panthers turned it over. alex simmons grabs it and buries it. his 10th. 1-0 caps. second period panthers on the power play. that doesn't matter. matt rips him the shorty. 3-0 caps. wait a minute, 5-0 caps. and they're a man up and they end it with the second of the game, six. ov, we hardly missed you. caps win 6-2. with due respect to the giants and the cowboys and the eagles, the redskins haven't faced
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anyone with talent. they are 11-0. and some report the skins will be a speed bump en route to 16-0. >> reporter: for all of the hype surrounding a manning or a brady, the redskins believe it's a breeze that deserves the most attention. >> right now i got mvp of the league. >> reporter: there are certainly the stats to back that mvp argument. in his 9th nfl season, 27 touchdowns lead the league. but what's worth for washington is the weapons he employs. he threw touchdowns to five different players. >> there is not one threat they use. they have so many different threats. and drew puts the ball in the right spot. >> statistically they have been superior this year. it's a real challenge. >> reporter: sure, the redskins are coming off their second highest offensive output of the year. they scored 24 in philadelphia. the problem is new orleans averages 37 points a game. and the best defense against the
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saints is keeping your offense on the field. >> we have to step up and play, you know. offensively they're going to have to help us out. they're going to have to continue to try to put up points and keep them off the field. >> reporter: but if the underdog redskins can overachieve sunday, they could just pull off the biggest upset of the season. >> i'm pretty sure in their mind they're not coming here thinking it's going to be a walk in the park. they're going to be ready to play football that they've been playing all year. so we have to step up and do the same. >> reporter: at redskins park, sara walsh, 9news now and >> sara, thank you. and al en iverson left philly -- allen iverson left philly three years ago. the words he would come back was slim. the answer touching down in philly today for his second tour of duty with the sixers. and the normally icy iverson showed some rare emotion as he was introduced. >> i'm going to come back here.
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i couldn't turn it down. and i'm just -- i'm just -- i'm just happy. >> and we're happy for him. finally what happens when a hockey team shares ice time with a curling team. he steals the rock and look what he does. slap shot [ laughing ] . now, that is amazing. the thing of it is, i got -- wait. i got bad news for you. it's not real. you don't really think a guy could fire a slap shop with a big heavy rock like that. >> i thought maybe he killed the goalie. [ laughing ] >> it's a commercial for the upcoming ee limb picks. it was -- owe pim licks. it was -- olympics. it was cool, though, right?
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and that would be 9news for fo night. thaipingdz for staying up with us. >> don't forget we're always on letterman is next. have a great night.
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